Simulation Curriculum

I've been working with Simulation Curriculum since their incorporation in 2009. I've developed a number of projects for them, using a variety of languages and development environments.

Starry Night

Starry Night

Simulation Curriculum produces Starry Night, an awarding-winning astronomy application written in C++ and available for both Windows and OSX.

While preparing the product for a major new release, they asked me to add some new features, including exoplanet modeling, as well as upgrading the application security and resource handling.

Watch Rho Cancri rise, from the surface of Rho Cancri e!

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The Layered Earth

Simulation Curriculum's The Layered Earth is an educational geography and earth exploration program written in Java, using NASA's Worldwind technology.

Check out the demo at


SRI Math Database

I developed a database and client for the SRI Center for Technology in Learning. This database contains the content for SRI's development of middle school math materials based on Singapore's highly successful pre-algebra math curriculum. The database is managed with MySQL, and I wrote the front end in Python using wxWidgets. I also developed a series of content management scripts using perl and Python.


Starry Night Podium

After acquiring Starry Night in 2009, Simulation Curriculum hired me to do some additional upgrades to the C++ code, including preparing their Podium product for a new release. Podium allows the Starry Night code to operate with a client/server model, one computer controlling the interface, while a separate computer controls the projector.

Podium is used in consumer software such as Spitz Inc.'s SciDome.