MySQL & Postgres

I've used MySQL in both desktop and web applications, using perl, Python, PHP and C++ as an interface. My experience with Postgres has primarily been as web storage, accessing it from Java.


Practice and Assessment

As a software engineer at Amplify, Inc, I was responsible for the design and implementation, from inception to version 1.0, of Amplify's Math Practice and Assessment web application.

Math Practice and Assessment was created with javascript using AngularJS, and java, along with a Postgres database.

UDBS-Plus Billing System

Yukon Telephone

Open Platform Group hired me to finish porting and add new features to UDBS-Plus, a utility billing system owned by Yukon Telephone.

Originally written in PowerBasic, UDBS-Plus is a Windows application written in C++ and wxWidgets, using MySQL to handle the data.


SRI Math Database

I developed a database and client for the SRI Center for Technology in Learning. This database contains the content for SRI's development of middle school math materials based on Singapore's highly successful pre-algebra math curriculum. The database is managed with MySQL, and I wrote the front end in Python using wxWidgets. I also developed a series of content management scripts using perl and Python.

PeopleMap Logo


In 2009, Simulation Curriculum asked me to create PeopleMap, a data-scraping proof-of-concept application. I used perl, PHP, and a MySQL database. The application scrapes person data out of wikipedia, and maps the birthplaces of people within a given date range using the Google Maps API.

Check it out here.