Web Development

I've developed several different websites and applications using HTML, Javascript, PHP, perl, Java, MySQL, and Postgres.

Tour Forecast

Tour Forecast

Tour Forecast is a web application I created in javascript using AngularJS, with the back end service written in perl.

With it, a user can determine the forecast for a planned road trip, leaving anytime in the next few days.

Tour Forecast uses Google's Directions API to determine the route, and NWS's digital product api to determine the forecast. Try it here!


Practice and Assessment

As a software engineer at Amplify, Inc, I was responsible for the design and implementation, from inception to version 1.0, of Amplify's Math Practice and Assessment web application.

Math Practice and Assessment was created with javascript using AngularJS, and java, along with a Postgres database.

Girls Rock Detroit

Girls Rock Detroit Website

I am involved with Girls Rock Detroit, an organization dedicated to fostering girls' creative expression, positive self-esteem, and community awareness through rock music education and performance. To promote the project, I created the Girls Rock Detroit website. To keep it simple, the site is pure HTML.
Barnes & Noble

Nook Conversion

Barnes & Noble requested a set of prototypes to test the conversion of children's Nook books to web applications.

To accomplish this I investigated multiple flash conversion packages, designed and implemented perl scripts to convert flash animations to html/css, and produced a series of javascript modules to recreate the book UX.

PeopleMap Logo


In 2009, Simulation Curriculum asked me to create PeopleMap, a data-scraping proof-of-concept application. I used perl, PHP, and a MySQL database. The application scrapes person data out of wikipedia, and maps the birthplaces of people within a given date range using the Google Maps API.

Check it out here.