Scholastic, Inc.

I've developed consumer products for Scholastic's educational software division as well as production tools to support their editorial staff.

Read 180

Scholastic Data Migration Utility

Scholastic, Inc. needed a tool to enable their customers to migrate Read 180 data into a new format. I developed it in C++ for both Windows and OSX.

Read 180

Scholastic Read 180 Edit Tools

In preparation for a new release of Read 180, Scholastic, Inc asked me to overhaul and make useable a set of production tools written for the OSX in C++.

Scholastic IPS

Interactive Phonics System

Scholastic, Inc contracted with me to produce a series of phonics projects. The first was the Scholastic Phonics Readers, a 12 CD set of interactive stories and activities. Scholastic provided the assets, while I provided the technical design and either completed or managed the programming.  I developed an engine in Macromedia Director which brought together database information and graphic and audio assets to produce a director file for each portion of the program.  This approach enabled us to produce a set of 12 CDs, encompassing 72 stories, 216 activities, 72 tests, and a teacher managment section, and using approximately 26,000 assets, in slightly less than a year. 

Another programmer and I also developed the management portion of the product in Director.  This included the student login and teacher management section, which used the v12 database xtra to keep track of student activity.

In addition to programming the product itself in Director, I created or managed the creation of several production utilities in C++ and Quicktime, Director, Delphi, and perl.

Scholastic IPSFollowing the Phonics Readers, we developed the Scholastic Phonics Booster Books, an 8 CD set of 36 additional readers and activities.

Check out the flash demo of the series on Scholastic's site.